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LWS Attorneys is happy to advise you throughout the Federal Republic of Germany in restructuring questions and in all aspects of insolvency law. 

Our clients include companies of all size, private parties, banks, social insurance funds, government entities and insolvency receivers. Here are a few examples of our advisory work:  

Ongoing advice to shipping companies in the midst of restructuring,

Advice to managers and companies in diverse insolvency proceedings and proceedings regarding the opening of insolvency proceedings, including self-administration, all across the Federal Republic of Germany and before all District Courts, inter alia 
– District Court of Hamburg (Selection): 
Silverstone Events GmbH, Osseo-PL GmbH, Carl Tiedemann GmbH & Co. KG, Lasch Company Hamburg GmbH (linesman company in the Port of Hamburg), Schacht & Westerich GmbH, Quadro Gewerbebau GmbH, Kurum Afriyie Verwaltungs GmbH, Productpartner Einrichtungen GmbH, Buchhandlung Kötz und Buchenau GmbH, GOD Green Office Development GmbH & Co. KG (Hamburg Hafencity project developer), Helmut Jagalla GmbH (ship chandler), EU-TRAXX Logistics GmbH & Co. KG (international freight fowarder), Steffen & Hecht Stahlbau GmbH, b2b International Network AG (logistics company), Asian Bamboo AG (holding company for the manufacturing of bamboo fibers in China), Hansa Bus HGB GmbH & Co. KG (transport company), Diamond – Colors GmbH (car body shop), RENTA Personaldienstleistungen NordWest GmbH (personnel services), See Marvish GmbH (sports marketing), A + O Container GmbH (freight forwarder), Rillox Group GmbH (distribution company), Soul Weekender GmbH GmbH & Co. KG (event organizer for Baltic soul festivals), Spilling Energie Systeme GmbH (industrial machinery manufacturer), Autopartner Zenke GmbH (Toyota dealership), ARIA International GmbH, ARIA Steel GmbH (ore trading house, mid-size corporation),  HCV Hafencity Verlags UG & Co. KG (distributor of the “piste” city magazine), Hans C. Winckler Trading e.K. (purchase and resale and trade with printing machines), fairy food GmbH (restaurant), BAV Haus AG (insurance agent), CitiCopp Recycling GmbH (import and export)
– District Court of Leer: Lichtkraft Nord GmbH
– District Court of Neumünster: c-Nox GmbH & Co. KG (maker of industrial torches)
– District Court of Munich: A/plus Personaldienstleistung GmbH (personnel services), La Grappa GmbH (restaurant La Grappa) 
– District Court of Landshut: FireStixx Holz-Energie GmbH (wood pellet manufacturer)
– District Court of Lubeck: Villa Fabelhaft GmbH (textile retailer) 
– District Court of Uelzen: Hotel Fährhaus Karl Ries GmbH (hotel) 
– District Court of Pinneberg: Rollrasenhof Nord GmbH, BKN Strobel Gruppe (tree nursery), Siegert & Co. GmbH & Co. (manufacturer of gripping equipment), Hans Kühl Maschinenbau GmbH (distribution of transport equipment)
– District Court of Regensburg: Bayerwald Zaun Eva Böhm e.K. (fence manufacturer)
– District Court of Frankfurt:  Klaus Jung, Frische Kräuter e.K. (herbal sales and distribution) 
– District Court of Bielefeld: GesundheitsCentrum Bünde GmbH (medical services center)
– District Court of Gießen: Kraftverkehr Lauterbach GmbH & Co. KG (operator of the local public transit system in Lauterbach, Osthessen) 
– District Court of Norderstedt: Friends of frozen yogurt, M/S “Helma” Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Selga Navigation Ldt. (both one ship companies), Karl Walter GmbH (development and sale of chemical goods), Fashion Sport Network GmbH, Medicomp Gesellschaft für medizinische Auswertungssysteme und EDV-Anwendungen mbH 
– District Court of Luneburg: MT-Projektbau UG, Cafe Rundt (bakery), Floortech Energiesparfundamente GmbH (development, sale of insulated flooring, – District Court of Itzehoe: Hinrich Sander Spedition Transport und Logistik GmbH, Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co. KG (metal refining and mechanics)
– District Court of Bonn: KlinkCARGO GmbH



Productpartner Einrichtungen GmbH (restructuring advice under self-administration, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code)

Langeloh Feinmechanik GmbH (restructuring under self-administration, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code) 

Lichtkraft Nord GmbH (restructuring advice under self-administration, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code)

Reg Energie GmbH & Co. KG (restructuring advice under self-administration, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code)

FireStixx Holz-Energie GmbH (restructuring advice under self-administration, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code)

Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co. KG (restructuring advice under self-administration with an insolvency plan, Sec. 270a German Insolvency Code) 

Preparation of a certification pursuant to Sec. 270 b German Insolvency Code for diverse one ship companies 

Preparation of a certification pursuant to Sec. 270 b German Insolvency Code for Ladenbau Johann Weimann GmbH 

Restructuring advice to NTB Neuenfelder Tiefbau GmbH



Spilling Energie Systeme GmbH (energy sector plant construction)

Friends of frozen yogurt (food franchise)

Floortech Energiesparfundamente GmbH (inter alia, development, distribution of insulated flooring)

b2b International Network AG (logistics company)



FireStixx Holz-Energie GmbH (ca. 80 million euros in revenue) 

Hermann Buss GmbH & Cie KG (ca. 400 million euros in revenue)

Advice to Vitol Deutschland GmbH during the takeover of the assets of OW Bunker Germany GmbH

Wolff & Olsen GmbH & Co KG in the sale to Veldhoven Group (ca. 100 million euros of revenue)

British Continal Trading GmbH in the sale to Briconti (ca. 20 million euros in revenue)


Petitioning for granting of early release from remaining debts

 District Court of Stralsund: Fischräucherei Ostseebad Seelin 

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